The 'Rock the Runway' Model Search & Talent Contest

Aug 14

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The 'Rock the Runway' Model Search & Talent Contest

The Miami Fashion Board and Chicago Ridge Mall are looking for local singers, actors, models and dancers of any age for the Rock the Runway talent show, model search and photography contest.

Lights, Camera, Action. All potential actors, singers, models and dancers are invited to participate in the Model Search, Talent Show and Photography Contest here at CHICAGO RIDGE MALL.

We find that the best way to address the question .... what is this event about and what can become of this opportunity, is to explain how and why this event originated.

At the age of 35 our event founder; a very successful author, talent agent, and modeling instructor, realized that her most outstanding qualities were her self confidence and poise. She attributed those qualities to the rural Georgia summer evenings in the 1950s which she spent on her grandparents' farm singing, dancing and acting out plays in their front yard while her relatives sat on the porch and clapped and encouraged her efforts.

With those evenings as a model; we now invite children, teens and adults of ALL races, all ages and all levels of talent to come up on our stage and show the crowd (and our judges) just what talent they possess. Unlike the judges of American Idol, our contestants are treated with respect ... no matter how the contestant is built, what their color or gender, or their age. Every contestant can expect to experience a fun, exciting and professionally executed event while they "strut their stuff" on the runway, "perform their hearts off" in the talent contest, and receive some great digital color pictures that are taken at their professional photo shoot for the photo contest. 

Naturally, every parent wants their child to become a star. However, we encourage every family to view our event for what it was designed to do... an opportunity develop, encourage, and build every contestant's self esteem, confidence, stage presence, and poise. Parents, grand parents, siblings and friends are all asked to watch, cheer and encourage their contestant. 

Sign Up by filling out an contestant application on the Registration stands in the mall starting on May 1st!!

Auditions begin in AUGUST. All applicants will be contacted by a text message from the Event Staff to participate in a FREE audition on the stage at the mall.

QUESTIONS will be addressed by the mall staff at the stage which will be staffed starting 

AUGUST  2017. 

Whether you are a contestant, family or friend of a contestant or just someone who loves a good show, we will see you at the mall.


Event Date: 
Monday, August 14, 2017 -
10:00am to 10:00pm

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